Milia in Winter

Situated in a valley between two amazingly different hills of chestnut and arbutus trees, Milia Mountain Retreat is equally attractive for winter holidays, full of the wooden smell of the fireplace and the atmospheric colors of a sleeping Nature.

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Western Crete leaves guests speechless with its spectacular views, no matter when they choose to pay Her a visit.

During the winter months, Milia Mountain Retreat and Restaurant receive guests who wish to experience an astonishingly different holiday, who wish to be embraced totally by the sleeping, introvert Nature.

This has never been more empowering; to let the chilly weather bring you together with the locals, in surprising activities and eco-events, such as the Chestnut Feast and the making of Raki, not to mention the diverse hikings and explorations. Adventure is all around you and the place is definitely going to hold back a part of you, once you experience Milia in Winter.

Kindly consult with maintenance season (late January till mid-March)