Green Wellness

Eco, outdoor, agri, wellness!  Joining a relaxing personal retreat, a place of rejuvenation for the self, in Milia is a deep and relaxing way into Green Wellness. In a place where the term makes absolute sense, surrounded by chestnut and arbutus trees, you are invited to practically re-examine well-being by aiming for Greenness.

Choose the period of the year that works best with your schedule and needs. Join us for your own relaxation and connection process. Try some hands-on moderate participation in practices such as herb picking or gardening, combined with amazing hikes, Nature gatherings, and endless ways of alignment with the cycle of the Earth. (consult with our Calendar of activities and eco-events)

If you wondered who is this for, the answer is: equally for those who already are merged into the magic of joining green wellness personal “rituals” and Earth connection practices and those who tend to put their own needs last and wish to make some space for the essential. Milia Mountain Retreat carefully watches over being of service and continues offering the healing vibrancy of the place to as many people as possible.

Live it to believe it, what it really means to let a place heal you!

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