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  • The Perfect Winter Romance

    The Perfect Winter Romance

    There are no certain skills required to fall in love with a chestnut tree; she is audacious, classy, and casual at the same time, passively aggressive to enemies, and courageous, at the same time. She is a living miracle. As you are packing for your winter travel, space, weight and time are to be considered,…

  • Reflections on Reflections

    Reflections on Reflections

    How to go for a walk, this is a question wishing to be asked by our guests in Milia, in order to allow the mountainous wave of reflection that comes along with it. Of all the things you can un-do on our land, the ultimate slow-traveling experience is the best; walking consciously and permitting the…

  • Vasilis and the Nature of his early years

    Vasilis and the Nature of his early years

    This is, actually, not more and not less than, a dedicatory to the inspirational power of the landscape of Milia and the nearby village of Vlatos who gave birth to and raised the vision of Milia Mountain Retreat and Restaurant. Vasilis Makrakis represents the second generation of one of the two families that founded the…