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  • The Hi-story behind the Myth (with audio)

    The Hi-story behind the Myth (with audio)

    In the early 1980s when Iakovos Tsourounakis, born and raised in southwest Crete, first talked about his dream of restoring the medieval settlement of his land of birth, other locals looked at him and said “kouzoulathike” (“the poor man’s gone crazy”, in absolute Cretan tone). But Iakovos stubbornly wanted to see his ancestral lands take…

  • Indescribable, Unidentified

    Indescribable, Unidentified

    Being hosted by Nature; this is the eco-experience of visiting Milia Mountain Retreat and Restaurant. In an approach that combines a philosophy of relaxation and wellness, the medieval settlement that hosts you has been restored by an environmentally sensitive and cultural-aware total of people. The sum of their values and the 30-year-old practices honor the…