How to go for a walk, this is a question wishing to be asked by our guests in Milia, in order to allow the mountainous wave of reflection that comes along with it.

Of all the things you can un-do on our land, the ultimate slow-traveling experience is the best; walking consciously and permitting the vastness of “the new fast” to arise. As close to the ground and to Mother Nature as it can possibly be, traveling to and walking around Milia, gives back value and appreciation to the simplest acts of a human, breathing fresh air deep into the lungs, feeling each step on the Earth, watching and actually seeing around you, thus within you.

It would take a lifetime to put together and describe the details observed throughout the stays, the hikes, the activities… It’s not necessary, anyway. Each individual connects with different elements, each tree and plant is different day by day and no living being can ever claim to have experienced twice the same perception of them. Last week, a new variety of a wild carnation flower was discovered up on the hill, during an exploration walk by our agronomists. The hike up was slippery but ended up worthing it a lot; we collected the seeds and will attempt multiplying the plant in its environment.

How was the ground when you had your walk through the medieval settlement and around? How were the old stones, the flowers of the gardens, their colors, and aromas? Some guests remember tasting plums, others berries or pears. We never tell anybody where to find what. Others recall birds, ducks, goats, hens. The blowing of the wind, the sunny sky, the rock of Kástelos down the valley. Their getting lost.

Use your senses during your stay in Milia. Un-do your memories and thoughts, clear up. The whole area has an enormously positive psychosomatic effect –even measured by experts- with its gentle touch, its surprises, and its generosity. You will surely feel it and wish you could stay a bit more. Or repeat a stay, just like numerous guests do throughout the years. This is one of those places in the world where the minimum-nights is a policy in favor of the guest who can’t calculate the embrace of our land, Her Hug.

As our guests keep on sharing their reflections with us at departure, sending emails, texts, photos, and even paintings inspired by their stay, they simultaneously share their reflections, as well. Meaning that they share that part of their Psyche that got actively boosted in Milia, in all possible ways. What a moving part of sharing, what an experience, to get with you what was already within and found its shelter here. The eco-lodge is sustainable and environmentally friendly, but honestly, in a holistic approach, sustaining and supporting small miracles of metamorphosis for so many people during the 30 years of its presence since its opening in the valley. Could it be that all the people who had ever lived in the settlement for 4 centuries offer us gifts of solidarity for keeping the place alive? Who knows, you might think. Do so. Think, or better even, reflect. Reflect on reflections.