Picking Herbs and Medicinal Oil making

May 5 @ 12:00 pm 3:00 pm EEST

A herbalist by Nature? Instead of checking articles on the web about their use, come and embrace the enchantment of picking herbs in their natural environment around Milia, and make your own medicinal oil!

Our beloved weeds, generously growing on the Cretan land, are able to transform a random walk into a path towards wellness and inner connection. Bit by bit, easily and well explained by our facilitators, you will get the basics about recognizing and picking them, but also about the preparation and nutritional value of lavender, thyme, malotira, and more… (depending on the season, of course!)

Join this Eco-event of Milia, regularly scheduled all year long, and get acquainted with seasonal herb picking and medicinal oil making!

Includes: a guided walk around Milia Mountains for herbs picking and an introduction to medicinal oil making

Approximate duration 3h+

From: 12:30-15:30        

Meeting point: The Amphitheatre of Milia

Minimum pax: 6

45 €/person

Schedule liable to changes/cancellations

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