Gorge-ous Topolia hike

September 27, 2022 @ 10:00 am 4:00 pm EEST

You have probably had a nice surprise getting to Milia, when came across the unexpected beauty of the Topolian gorge, and now you wish to explore further the so-called “gorge of caves” that gave shelter to local myths and traditions with its rocky landscape. A hike through Topolia gorge with Tassos- not only an experienced guide but also a passionate hiker- is what you are looking for!

You will start on foot from Milia to head towards the gorge and experience an adventurous terrain that will stay in your memory forever. Located east of the medieval settlement, it gives refuge to various species of flora and fauna, as well as provides the visitor with gorge-ous richness in images and feelings.

Do not underestimate its power though! The level is definitely medium, needs appropriate shoes, and implies certain knowledge throughout the hike if you wish not to feel puzzled about how to get through. The entrance is from the village Katsomatados and the length is approximately 1.6 km.

Approximate duration: 6,0 hours (depending on the group)

Meeting pointThe Fountain (main road)

Length13 km


Walking route, circular

Minimum group 6 pax.

€65 per person/includes snack

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