In the 16th century restored settlement of Milia, rooms preserve the architecture and aesthetic style of the mountainous area of Western Crete. Reconstructed with attention to detail, they hold something of the atmosphere, the remembrance, and imprint of its former inhabitants.

Milia Eco-room selection

Milia Mountain Retreat & Restaurant offers 4 types of rooms: Standard Double, Large Double, Suites, and Family Apartments, suitable to satisfy all needs. Each house room has its own, unique character and decoration, often preserving the authentic furniture of the late ’50s, adding even more depth to the merging experience. All rooms have an internal bathroom, and a balcony or patio / terrace for leisure and relaxation.

Although the 30-year history of Milia Mountain Retreat brings about memories of the past such as candle lighting, today all rooms have an electric supply, hot water, and wi-fi connection. Guests may enjoy heating with a fireplace or wood stove in the rooms in the winter time, but no air-conditioning during the summer, nor other electric appliances (such as cooking facilities, fridge nor hair dryer) as we choose the supply to remain at the tolerance levels of Nature.

Place your inquiry by filling in the booking form. We would like to pinpoint that Milia operates on a minimum-stay-of-2-nights basis, for a better merge in the experience.

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