Milia is a cell of wellness, a vibrant land of wisdom that has been cherished by many! Whoever has breathed in and out the revigorating air, whoever has drunk from the waters, eaten from the fruit, walked the hills that surround Her, has at the same time felt not only the relaxing sensation but also the tremendous impact of Milia on her “servants”. Generations of people who have lived here and transmitted a piece of history and ecological sensitivity one to the other.

How about engaging with a little bit of eco-history and a guided presentation of the flora, the fauna, and the community life of Milia? Our guide will be accompanying you to a picnic on the Challepa (the limestone hill that faces Milia), giving you the full insight.

The activity includes a light snack during the picnic on the hill, where you can admire the landscape around Milia and share moments of community-life with our guide and the group.

Approximate duration: 3,5 hours 

Meeting pointThe Amphitheater of Milia

Length3 km


Walking route, circular: Milia, Challepa limestone hill, Chestnut forest, Milia.

Minimum group: 6 pax.

45 €/person

I am interested!

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