Green Activities in & around Milia

Upon-request activities take place at Milia Mountain Retreat and offer a wide variety of options for your stay or visit. Our facilitators are more than well-trained or experienced in what they do: they are passionate professionals and quality-oriented enthusiasts for the vision of an eco-lodge with attention to sustainability. (only with pre-booking/ no last minute drop-in)

At the same time, Eco-events that follow the natural Earth Cycle are high vibrational opportunities for Green well-being. It is not an ordinary wellness experience! It is a privilege, to be welcomed by Nature and invited to share with Her the wisdom of the circular movement, the feasts, the agricultural celebrations with the community, the open-air hands-on activities, and the delicious shared meals and drinks that come afterwards.

A stay at Milia Mountain Retreat can be accompanied by several green activities and eco-events, feasts, outdoor and indoor gatherings, cooking lessons, workshops, evenings of music and culture, lectures hosting to… star gazing! Whatever stems from the eternal wisdom of the Earth and brings people in the harmonious wheel of togetherness is at the heart of our planning, always giving priority to a guest’s experience through ecology, cultural awareness, and community-based development. All activities have to be pre-booked online and they take place upon completion of the min. group size.

If what you miss from an ideal holiday plan is some action that will offer you moments of creativity, tranquility, and a collective vibe, then check up on the activities and events at Milia. Feel free to fill in the following form to express your interest and be notified of the activity.

Upon-request activities and local eco-events get us acquainted with the natural life of the land and the community, introducing customs and traditions of Western Crete. Interested in joining the boiling of raki (the must-try Cretan spirit) or the chestnut celebration? A powerful full moon transformative session or a workshop on essential oils extraction? Being introduced to principles of sustainable cultivation or joining a music concert under the night sky? Book a Green activity or Eco-event with us!