Milia Mountain Retreat & Restaurant

Milia Mountain Retreat


In the 16th century restored settlement of Milia, rooms preserve the architecture and aesthetic style of the mountainous area of Western Crete. Reconstructed with attention to detail, they hold something of the atmosphere, the remembrance, and imprint of its former inhabitants, bringing them to the present for our guests.

Awarded restaurant

The gastronomical oasis of Milia Restaurant is based on the fresh products of our farms and yards and the culinary culture of the Cretans, enriched with innovative ideas and impeccable service. Renowned for its well-studied approach to quality, Milia Restaurant hosts unique dining moments and turns them into memories.

Green Activities

Eco, outdoor, agri, wellness!  Our Green activities can totally rejuvenate you! (only upon request and min. group size)

Location of Milia Mountain Retreat & Restaurant

We are located in a mountainous area of Western Crete, it takes a while to find us! Click on the map to find out more about the area around Milia Mountain Retreat and follow our link below for directions through!

For your convenience, do not use GPS Navigators to Milia, just put as your destination the nearby village Vlatos and, from there only, follow the wooden signs to Milia for another 3km.

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